The Armstrong Family Singers


Thanks so much for helping to make our May Fest a success. I feel sure that some people heard the good news through a gospel song for the very first time . . . . maybe from you. You were truly a blessing to all. Keep singing and telling the people that they can be Forgiven

Charles & Betty Lynn
For Amazing Love Ministries
Thank you for traveling to San Antonio to assist us in our church's fundraising efforts. Your generous donation of your time and talent is greatly appreciated. We are thankful for that which God provided to aid us in our food ministry and children's ministries. We are especially thankful for the gracious expression of God's love that your family extended to us. May God continue blessing your music ministry. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Gerald Lyda on behalf of the membership of MEDICAL CENTER CHURCH
San Antonio, Texas.
Greetings! We just wanted to thank you for your support of 2nd Saturday this month, we couldn't have done it without you. We really appreciate your patience while we handled technical difficulties, we hope you will come back out and see us throughout the year! We are preparing for more events outside of 2nd Saturday to take place, so stay tuned in! If you need anything from us, please let us know. We hope all of you got a chance to see the paper advertisements with you in it. Once again, thank you again and we are praying for the success of you, your career and your family! May the One true living God bless you.

Felix and Brittainye Isaac
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Lancaster, TX 75146
"We were definitely blessed to hear you all sing - we want you to come back to Pleasant Oaks!! You could really feel the Holy Spirit tonight."

Becky S (friends with Lisa J)
It was so delightful meeting you, hearing you and getting to know you at this singing event and the one in San Marcos as well. I am the bass singer for the MasterPeace Quartet and was impressed with your spiritual impact as much as anything else. So many times, the performance overshadows the spirit, but you were great in both areas and I appreciated that immensely. Of course, I also appreciated your love for the bass part and support of our group when we sang. As Scott, our lead singer said, we need to take you everywhere with us, or vice versa.

God Bless!!
Glenn Cruey
Flint Hill Resources

I wanted to let you know my sister was sharing with me the testimony of one of the young people at the church she asked God for a special blessing before she came to church that day. And she got what she wanted she felt God's presence real strong that day and the Lord gave her a free CD as well. To God be the glory, always.

You guys were a blessing last night! Thanks so much for letting the Lord use you.

Thanks You for being there. Be Blessed

Shirley Hood